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Hate Vegetables? Here are 4 Ways to Make Them Better

When we do our assessments at our Calgary bootcamp, our members often ask us how they can make their food taste better without a lot of extra calories. They have health and fitness goals that they want to reach, and their workouts are helping, but the nutrition half of the lifestyle
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The Truth About Sugar

The bodies main energy source is glucose, and glucose comes in many different forms; potatoes, fruit, vegetables, whole grains even milk has a form of glucose! The body will take these foods and convert them into glucose and then distribute the glucose throughout the body. Carbohydrates are the main source of
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4 Easy Steps To Change Your Diet and Lose Unwanted Pounds

We tend to take the simple things in life, and make them extremely complex, It seems as though this is part of human nature. We think to ourselves that “it can’t be this easy”, so we strive to complicate things that are really straightforward, with the intention that we think we
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5 Cheap Ways to Get High Quality Protein

Protein is an essential nutrient that serves many functions such as growth and repair of cells and tissues like muscle, promotes health skin and hair, regulates blood sugar levels, and gives you a feeling of fullness and satiation. All of this is accomplished via protein’s building blocks which are known as
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3 Fitness Myths You Should Stop Believing

I really think the health and fitness takes the cake. I have yet to come across an industry that has so much conflicting, misleading, misinterpreted, and downright wrong information. Our industry is like a big game of telephone. If you recall playing telephone as a kid, you can remember that the message
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6 Nutrition Mistakes We All Make

As you may know, getting a handle on your nutrition is extremely important for weight loss, improving energy, and enhancing overall health. It is one of the most challenging things to change, as we have developed eating habits over a lifetime without any need for change. And it doesn’t make it
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8 Ways to Make Healthy Food Taste Better

One of the biggest challenges for eating healthier is healthy food can taste bland and be boring. A lot of our members give us this feedback when they are developing healthier eating habits, and making different choices. Until your palate adapts to your new diet, consuming healthier foods will be a
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6 Ways to Eat Healthy on a Budget

Eating healthy can be expensive, but it’s also an investment in your long- term wellbeing. When you eat healthy today, you will actually spend less time and money dealing with illness as you age. That means: Less hospital stays Less medication and prescription drugs A reduced risk of cancer, heart disease,
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Five Habits of Fit and Healthy People

Five Habits of Fit and Healthy People - Vitality Fitness - healthy habits

Summer time is here and everyone wants to be outside enjoying the warm weather. With so many new recreation opportunities coming your way, it can really highlight whether or not you’ve been able to stay in shape during the winter. While some might think fit and healthy people have some sort
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Benefits to Exercise Other than Weight Loss

Benefits to Exercise Other than Weight Loss - Vitality Fitness - Boot Camp Calgary

While many people focus on regular exercise primarily as a means to lose weight, there are many other benefits of routine physical activity. As human beings, we are historically mobile creatures with an inherent need to make use of our physical bodies. At Vitality Fitness, we realize the full spectrum of
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