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The motivation to workout at Vitality Fitness has become less about physical activity, and more about social engagement. As a group of ladies, we all had one day in mind, but varying goals to achieve before getting there.  My mom, Lora and I both joined Weight Watchers in August of 2018,
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Steve Heintz

March 15, 2019   I had heard of Vitality Fitness for quite some time but used the excuse that it was located on the south side nowhere near, where I lived however when I found out about the opening of the North location there went my excuse and so I signed
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Pat Knecht

Dear Vitality Fitness and staff,  “With Gratitude”  My story started out similar to others until it went for a journey on its own. I became a member at the age of 61 with my main goal to develop core strength for ultimate balance and control, plus to ease my osteoarthritis in
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Elizabeth Russell

I moved to Calgary about a year ago. I became a member of Vitality in July 2018 best decision I made for my fitness routine. I started because I was tired of my own fitness routine and I knew I wasn’t pushing myself.  I am amazed at the increased muscle strength
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Karla Williamson

I joined Vitality Fitness 6 months ago. Working out at Vitality Fitness has been amazing and I am glad I joined. Why?  Increased Strength. At Vitality Fitness, I have seen a marked increase in my strength. Steadily I have been able to increase the amount of weight I lift. For example,
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I started at Vitality in 2017. I was a mom of a newborn and 18 month old, tired, heavy, feeling terrible about myself, not that fact I had baby weight but just uncomfortable in my own skin. I remember my husband walking into the house, I was in tears, not little
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Scott Cameron

I have always been interested in fitness, my first introduction was in the back of a comic book when Charles Atlas got sand kicked in his face at the beach. He started to work out immediately and in one week went back to the beach and kicked sand in the bullies
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France Mongeon

How to inspire someone to get into shape? That is the question… Knowing you have too much weight to lose, it’s seems impossible to achieve your goal. You may have so many reasons for not working out: injuries, pain, no time, etc. Climbing stairs to the 2nd floor and you feel
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Travis Priest

I have always played sports at a high level: hockey, Division I Soccer, baseball (Atlantic Canadian Championship), and softball. I have also been coaching softball and soccer for over 30 years. In September 2010 I came home from work one day and wasn’t feeling good about myself. I had done the
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Erin Hastings

I am the crazy 530am-er they warn you about… Rain, shine, or -40 I’m there 5 days a week heaving around heavy weights and swinging off the pull-up bars.   I love the consistency and routine of knowing I am accountable to be somewhere every day. I also have grown very fond
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