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Vitality Fitness, where do I begin? My journey started years ago, before Vitality was officially formed. Since then I have invested my time, energy, and mostly my belief not only into this system, but the people. The most incredible part about this special place are the people who have taken their time to invest not only into others, but innately into their passion. The people at Vitality provide something so unique there are no words.

I’m a constant jet-setter that struggles with calling a single physical place home, from Costa Rica, to Nicaragua, Australia, Thailand, Indonesia, and even California. There is still something that calls home in my heart to Calgary because of this unique environment that has been created at Vitality Fitness.

I’ve experienced many different classes, group work outs, and facilities, but in all my travels in 34 different countries I have never found such an efficient workout with such a quality group of human beings.

This testimonial is long over due and still does not do justice to Vitality Fitness! I miss and love all those who are involved and I cannot wait until the next time we connect! Until then squat on my people! If you can check out Vitality Fitness I strongly recommend making that choice in your life, you will not regret it!

Cassie McBride
(former member)


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