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I started at Vitality in 2017. I was a mom of a newborn and 18 month old, tired, heavy, feeling terrible about myself, not that fact I had baby weight but just uncomfortable in my own skin.

I remember my husband walking into the house, I was in tears, not little tears a lot of them rambling about my tiredness, my weight, my clothes and how on earth I was going to keep up with these two. I told him I joined a bootcamp. He just kept quiet looked and me and said “when do you start?” I replied, right now. I have to leave to make it on time. That was the start of my new beginning and love and addiction to Vitality and working out.

A year and a half later, I’m 45 pounds lighter, happy, and energetic. The best part of it all, which was my main reason for starting, I can keep up with my extremely active toddlers.

Thank you for everything, for helping me reach my goals. It’s been a hard journey with lots of dedication and focus but I’m there.


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