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Elizabeth Russell

I moved to Calgary about a year ago. I became a member of Vitality in July 2018 best decision I made for my fitness routine. I started because I was tired of my own fitness routine and I knew I wasn’t pushing myself.  I am amazed at the increased muscle strength that I am achieving, firming of the whole body (even a rounder booty, lol), feeling more energetic, increased core strength and cardio. I have had four children and with the age of fifty approaching in the near future; Vitality fitness gives me the discipline to be on my way to being in the best physical shape and health in my life. I love that the Vitality staff really take the time and make sure that I have the proper form when performing the different exercises . I like that the staff challenge me to do more! It’s great to be a member of the Vitality fitness family, the classes are a lot of fun and they are always different you never know what you are going to be doing. When I am away and not attending classes; I miss it! I always feel fantastic after a class! I love the results that I am getting. The members are great and staff are a lot of fun!


The first picture was taken a year ago (mint bikini). The last two were taken two months ago (Jan 2019).


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