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France Mongeon

How to inspire someone to get into shape? That is the question…

Knowing you have too much weight to lose, it’s seems impossible to achieve your goal. You may have so many reasons for not working out: injuries, pain, no time, etc. Climbing stairs to the 2nd floor and you feel already winded? How about tying your shoes? Are you tired of feeling lethargic? Daily coffee helps
you get through out the day to avoid falling asleep during working hours. It’s a cycle of being tired, not wanting to get up in the morning, and possibly having anxiety/depression. This cycle that doesn’t seem to reach to an end.

Well, that was me about 1 ½ years ago, I got tired having pain, feeling excluded from outdoor activities, and always being the last one back from a “nice” walk. I entirely changed my life. I changed my food habits by cutting out fast food and processed food. Sure, sometimes I cheated, but I at least I had a plan.
I wanted to eat proper not to lose weight, but to have a healthy mental health. I was worried I would lose muscle mass, so I joined to a fitness program. I signed up for one-on- one personal training at Goodlife.

As much as this benefited me, I also had a lot of anxiety. I signed up for 3 classes per weeks. I worked from 8 till 5 pm, so my options of training with my trainer were limited. Scheduling-wise it was not working for me.

When I saw the Groupon for Vitality Fitness, I decided to wait until my contract at Goodlife ended before trying it out. I could not wait! I was watching videos from their website and some blogs about nutrition and good health. It really motivated me and I hadn’t even started the program!

When I started classes it was always different and the trainers were amazing! They were there for you, to make sure you were moving correctly with the correct posture. I was disappointed my old gym didn’t make form and posture a priority. I didn’t know it then, but I thought I was working out correctly, but I
wasn’t. It was extremely frustrating to me, since I spent so much money on personal training. All trainers at Vitality work through an internship and are certified personal trainers before leading classes on their

I’m amazed by how much they can monitor you, even in large classes. Once you are stronger, they can challenge you further to get even stronger. Once you are done class, you know you have done your best.

Another benefit is getting nutrition guidance and help measure your progress. Usually this costs extra in other gyms. I loved the encouragement from trainers and fellow classmates. It’s such a positive environment. If you
give yourself at least a month, you will notice surprising results. I hope I motivated you. You are worth it. Just take small steps, eventually those little steps become a path of success.

France Mongeon

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