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Jessica Y

I started with Vitality Fitness in May 2015 after my trip to Europe with my friend Rico. During the trip, we talked about making some lifestyle changes and committed to be more active by doing bootcamp and hot yoga when we got back home. I am a musician, music teacher (piano, violin, and harp), and a business woman doing research in Education Business with a university in the UK. I was always skeptical about bootcamp. I never enjoyed gym class or participated in phys. ed when I was in school, due to my heart condition.
It was good to have a committed workout buddy to exercise with. We encouraged each other to make sure we stuck to the routine we had created; our commitment to have a more active lifestyle. Around the summer of 2015, I started to notice that I was shopping for clothing one size down from what I was used to wearing. At Christmas, all my friends and family noticed the significant change in my body size.
I always dreamed I would be able to dance, especially ballet. When I was younger I did not have the opportunity to participate in ballet. I tried some dance classes a few years ago, but honestly, I couldn`t stand looking at myself in front of the mirror when I danced back then…haha. But, in January 2016, I added adult ballet classes to my active living routine, on top of bootcamp, and hot yoga.
I have found what I love to do and it was Vitality Fitness that empowered me to notice that I have the energy and the ability to attempt more physical activities. This year I tried things that I never would have dared to try before, such as zip-lining, kayaking, a 5km marathon, aerial yoga, Bachata dancing, and of course, my beloved ballet and lyrical dance. Since I feel more fit and capable physically, I was willing to try a lot more activities!
Vitality Fitness certainly helped me with my physical strength and made me feel more like myself. I am more toned and fit than I was in high school (my prom dress is big on me now!!!). Regardless of how busy I am or what the weather is like driving from Bearspaw to south Calgary to work out in the morning, I am keeping my routine with determination! Staying fit and healthy is my lifelong commitment to better living. Vitality Fitness gave me the tools to make that commitment.