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Karla Williamson

I joined Vitality Fitness 6 months ago. Working out at Vitality Fitness has been amazing and I am glad I joined. Why? 

  • Increased Strength. At Vitality Fitness, I have seen a marked increase in my strength. Steadily I have been able to increase the amount of weight I lift. For example, I can now deadlift 90lbs; I used to only be able to deadlift 40lbs max. I also have noticed an increase in muscle tone, especially in my arms (tank top anyone??)
  • Positive Workout atmosphere. The atmosphere at the gym is fun and friendly. The people I work out with also challenge me to work harder than I ever would at home.
  • Workout adaptations. Dave (and the other trainers I’ve met) is also very good at adapting the workouts to my injuries. For example, arthritis in my knees prevents me from running, so instead I push/pull sleds. I still am able to get the same cardio workout everyone else is getting, just in a different (yet still very challenging) way.
  • 50 day Challenge and Nutrition. The 50 day challenge is a unique challenge to Vitality Fitness that runs every few months is also quite helpful. It is my chance to push harder at all the exercises. It also provides me the chance to re-examine what I am eating, and to eat healthier. The food information provided to me are not ‘fad’ diets, but some really good solid advice that works and is healthy for you.
  • Varied Workout Equipment Inventory. The gym has the most varied inventory of equipment to use I have ever seen. They have so many weights to choose from, which is great because 
    • A ) you don’t have to jump up to a much higher weight and injure yourself. For example, you can go from a 10lb dumbbell to a 12lb dumbbell, which is a much safer jump than 10lb to 15lb. They also have heavier weights (50-75lb dumbbells) for the hard core lifters.
    • B) there’s always enough weights even when it’s busy, they’re never short. 
    • C) There are also lots of TRX, treadmills, exercise balls, bands, sleds. Lots of different types of equipment to keep things varied, and enough of each so that everyone has what they need.
  • Proper form. Every single trainer focusses on proper form and technique. All of the trainers I have had not only demonstrate the exercise and proper technique at the beginning of each set, but also really work with each individual to ensure they are doing the exercise right and not injuring themselves.

I would highly recommend Vitality Fitness to anyone who wants to work out in a safe, fun but also challenging fitness environment. It is a high quality gym with great trainers and a friendly group of clients. I have worked out in various gyms for over 20 years, and this is one of the best I’ve ever seen.

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