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Two years ago, I was looking around for some help in finding and incorporating a workout regime into my life. I was new to Calgary, a bit apprehensive as I never had joined a gym before however I really wanted to see if I could get in better shape.

I found Vitality Fitness on the internet; $20 for a one month trial, it was close to home & work, they had lots of classes to choose from – so why not? I started out going 3 times a week to the 5:30AM class.

WOW – the 1st week really HURT!

But at the same time …it was fantastic … I couldn’t believe it!!!

I loved the changing routines (nothing boring here!) … the instructors were great – very attentive, supportive, & committed to helping you …and the other members were sincerely welcoming.

I hadn’t even completed my initial 1st two weeks before I signed up for a one year membership.

Flash-forward to today and I’m a month away from completing my 2nd year of membership and now attend 5 times a week (…including the advanced Saturday morning class which really pushes you to the edge!) …and I continue to attend the 5:30AM classes …these are some very special (& crazy) people who are great to start your day with!

I now use terms like TRX, Tractor Pulls, Sleds, & Cardio-Core, and I know how to do Dead Lifts (don’t worry …you’ll get LOTS of practice on these), Pistol Squats, Tricep Extensions, and more push-ups and plank variations than I ever knew existed. It’s a whole new language …and a way of life!

Bootcamp is proudly now part of who I am – something I thoroughly enjoy & look forward to – getting challenged, growing stronger, and being part of a healthy & friendly community who feels similar.

You can really belong here!

I’m 58 yrs old, a Type 1 Diabetic, and I’m very happy with how Vitality Fitness has welcomed & inspired me. I feel in the best shape I’ve been in years. I’m energized, confident, and feel great!

I highly recommend Vitality Fitness… try it …”being healthy” is a wonderful gift!
Ken Chalmers


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