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Kylie found her Inner Athlete

I started attending Vitality Fitness Calgary Bootcamp in February 2013. I remember my first class… I was terrified at the concept of working out in front of other people. I had hired personal trainers before, but never saw any change and was never really motivated to continue. I was fully prepared to show up for the first class and not bother coming back.

But when I walked in, the environment was totally different from what I had expected. The group atmosphere was supportive and welcoming, and everyone was so friendly. I felt like I fit in. And even though the first class kicked my butt, I wanted to go again. I survived my first week, sore muscles and all. I survived my second week. I started looking forward to going to the gym, to seeing the group, and to getting my butt kicked by Dave and Cherlene. It was at that point I signed on for a membership.

Since then, I’ve rarely missed a class. I often feel like my morning hasn’t really started until I’ve had my workout and I’m energized for the day – it’s better than coffee. Even on days where I really don’t feel like working out and I’d rather just stay in bed, I make myself go. I promised myself that the bare minimum I would do is show up… even if I did nothing all class, showing up was the only expectation I set for myself. I’ve found that those days seem to be the days where I surprise myself and work harder than ever. Through Vitality Fitness Calgary Bootcamp, I’ve discovered this inner athlete. I want to push forward, challenge myself, and do better than I did the week before.

So here I am, 6 short months later, and I am a different person than I was in February. I’m energetic, I’m healthy, I’m strong. I’ve found this motivation and drive that I was never able to tap into before now, and it has made itself a presence in every aspect of my life.


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