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The motivation to workout at Vitality Fitness has become less about physical activity, and more about social engagement. As a group of ladies, we all had one day in mind, but varying goals to achieve before getting there. 

My mom, Lora and I both joined Weight Watchers in August of 2018, and after hitting our goal weight by the end of the year we recognized that we needed to take our health to the next level. We stumbled across Vitality Fitness on Groupon, and felt that there was nothing to lose in giving this program a go!

My brother Liam and his fiancé, Jessica are getting married in October 2019, and when she found out we were joining the gym, she was elated to come along with us. The word of mouth continued to spread, and shortly after, Jessica’s mom, Lisa also decided to join.

All four of us ladies have the collective goal to feel fit at Jessica and Liam’s wedding in a few short months. As earlier stated, the desire to get into better shape got us in the door, but it’s the environment that keeps us coming. 

As a small group of loud women, we enjoy mixing fun and sarcasm into every workout. All of the trainers are exceptionally knowledgeable and take their role seriously, while still engagingin our ongoing banter and feed-in to the experience we like to have. We have met other gym-goers, and have started to build friendships outside of our circle as well. 

What I love about the evolution of our experience with Vitality Fitness is that this environment has allowed us to change the way that we engage in social interaction. Historically, when we thought about getting together our plans would revolve around food. Today, we make our plans around meeting at the gym; this is good for not only our physical health, but our mental health too! 

I would recommend Vitality Fitness to anyone who is looking to improve their over-all health in an environment that is non-competitive, easy going and accepting of people in all stages of their fitness journey!

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