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Jason & Melissa Murphy

Our journey with Vitality started January 2013. 20 bootcamp classes for $20 bucks! How can you go wrong, right?! Well, the word ‘bootcamp’ intimidated me right away, but with a decided heart and a decided mind we were going! Plus, Jason had already bought the Groupon – No turning back! First
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Dave Rogers

My fiancé and I signed up for the 50 Day Challenge in mid September 2014 with our wedding fast approaching in February 2015. Although I play hockey each week I knew I was pretty out of shape and at our pre challenge weigh in was 249lb, I’ve weighed around 250lb for
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Vitality’s First 50-Day Challenge Champ

The journey with Vitality began for me in September 2012, after a co-worker mentioned about a bootcamp she was going to and how it all worked. At the time I was looking for some sort of exercise program to do anyway, as I was over 250lbs and not feeling too awesome
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Why Trying Something New Can Change Your Life!

Almost a year ago, Korwin and I came across a deal for Fitbody Bootcamp and decided to give it a shot. We were both already pretty active – going to the gym, playing sports, doing yoga, hiking, skiing – but wanted to try something different. Not being the biggest fan of
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Worth the Weight!

Over the past year or so, I’ve learned a remarkable amount about my body and how it works. I’ve changed my opinion about exercise and food, and I’d like to share with you the details of my transformation. To be honest, I’m not certain about the exact amount of weight I’ve
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Shannon got inspired by the Challenge

I started with Vitality Fitness in February 2013. After spending a year off from fitness due to injury, it was a long time needed! A friend of mine from a previous bootcamp had moved to Vitality so I thought I’d try it out. For the first 6 months I attended but
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Kylie found her Inner Athlete

I started attending Vitality Fitness Calgary Bootcamp in February 2013. I remember my first class… I was terrified at the concept of working out in front of other people. I had hired personal trainers before, but never saw any change and was never really motivated to continue. I was fully prepared
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Anthony turned his life around

After working a couple of years in Mongolia & China, I was fortunate enough to get transferred to Calgary March this year. Due to my extremely hectic work environment I had little time for regular gym and became extremely unfit. Arriving in Calgary I decided to get fit and I found
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Natalie’s Story – Fit, Fabulous and 40+

You name it, I used it as an excuse. Working night shifts, too busy with the kids, too expensive, not enough hours in the day, too many wonderful restaurants in Calgary. At forty, it was time to make healthy living and life style who I am. That’s when I met David.
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If I Can Do It, You Can Too!

A little over a year ago my daughter registered the two if us in David’s FitBody Boot Camp class. I couldn’t believe she thought I would live through an exercise class let alone Boot Camp. However, I sucked it up and decided to go and support my daughter in her fitness
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