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Pat Knecht

Dear Vitality Fitness and staff, 

“With Gratitude” 

My story started out similar to others until it went for a journey on its own. I became a member at the age of 61 with my main goal to develop core strength for ultimate balance and control, plus to ease my osteoarthritis in my back and neck because I didn’t want to take pain or anti- inflammatory pills for the rest of my life. All this was achieved along with many other positive outcomes such as lean body mass, inches lost and weight controlled, who could ask for more! The ongoing compliments from family and friends were an added bonus. What the trainers at Vitality Fitness taught me continued into my daily life no matter where I was. 

What I didn’t realize was how much the core and strength training would come into play a crucial time of my life. At age 64 I was thrust into an emergency medical situation where I needed an organ removed. With that came two months of recoup time and absolutely no lifting. After my surgery my arm and leg strength were instrumental in getting me in and out of bed, and my core strength was crucial in maintaining and protecting my abdominal area. My healing time and movability was well advanced compared to others of my age group and I have the knowledge and training of Vitality Fitness to thank for my ongoing progress. 

I am truly thankful to all the trainers and staff for what they’ve given me. (hugs to all) 

Sincerely, Pat Knecht 

For a healthy future always remember “Keep movin’ it or you’ll lose it”


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