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Scott Cameron

I have always been interested in fitness, my first introduction was in the back of a comic book when Charles Atlas got sand kicked in his face at the beach. He started to work out immediately and in one week went back to the beach and kicked sand in the bullies face! I sent away for that work out and this was my first introduction to fitness to find out that there is no easy fast track. Fast forward my goal was to complete in a bodybuilding competition and I succeeded x 2. I competed in Southern Alberta Bodybuilding competition in Middleweight division and placed second and then in Alberta Bodybuilding competition in Middleweight and placed third. I then lost my way as my work load increased and family grew I was lacking the drive to continue on with challenging and creative workouts. The day I tried Vitality Fitness this all changed. Go figure, I do not have to lift a truck to have a great work out. The concept of working on the core was also foreign and actually focusing on feeling the muscle work compared to throwing as much weight as I could handle, changed everything. I rarely step on a scale but use my clothes as a marker, and my clothes have never fit better, my belt gets tighter and tighter. My energy levels are way up and my mental alertness and general good feeling has increased as well. The group setting is fantastic, I have made so many friends that are always there for the extra support when you think you cannot do one more sprint or deadlift!! The instructors all have their own unique abilities to correct form / motivate / make you laugh / push you to be your absolute best!!

I personally would recommend Vitality to whoever wants a challenge in a welcoming environment and have a few laughs along the way.

Dave originally wanted me to create a sculpture of myself to welcome all members, but later changed his mind and told me a letter may be better for business.

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