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Steve Heintz

March 15, 2019


I had heard of Vitality Fitness for quite some time but used the excuse that it was located on the south side nowhere near, where I lived however when I found out about the opening of the North location there went my excuse and so I signed up for my first 50-day challenge in September of 2016.

From the very first class to now, 2 ½ years later, what resonates for me is the variety of the classes, being challenged in a positive way to push myself, the instructors demonstrating and coaching the right way to do a particular exercise and the friendships that have formed over the years has been awesome. What I have come to appreciate is I do not have to plan my workouts as someone does it for me.

In 2 ½ years I have lost about 15 pounds but I have lost well over 3 inches in clothing size, which has been terrific. The biggest win for me is I am in better shape today than I was 10 or 15 years ago and truly feel this is exercising with a purpose. My long-term goal is to be very active, make Vitality Fitness a part of my weekly exercising regime, have fun in my workouts and if I am not sweating, I am not working hard enough.

When I tell people about Vitality Fitness I often call it “My Vitality Family” because for me that is how it feels and all the wonderful people I have met over the years.


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