A Personal Training Experience In An Indoor Bootcamp Setting

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Tammy Scrivens

BOOTCAMP was always an intimidating word to me, I thought to myself “my body will never be able to do it”, and I wasn’t really into group exercising. Besides I thought it was only for people who are in shape already. I was scared I would be sore all the time. When a friend asked if I wanted to join NW FitBody Bootcamp I decided I needed to suck it up and do something and it might be easier with a friend. Then, when I found out Vitality was coming to the NW, I decided to join the 50 Day Challenge. I had heard about the challenge on the radio but never gave it a second thought being that it was way down south. I figured what could I lose except weight, right?

I have always struggled with weight, I never got over 200lbs. but I was pretty close. In 2010 I joined LA Weight Loss and lost 30lbs on diet alone I kept most of the weight off for almost 3 years, but it was slowly coming back on. Then in 2014 my father-in-law went into the hospital and it was 3 months of grabbing something quick from which ever restaurant we decided on that day. Within those few months I was back to my original weight. I was so out of shape my whole body was so stiff I couldn’t even bend down to pick anything up, my back was always hurting, some nights I had major heartburn.

Since I’ve joined Vitality Fitness all my symptoms have disappeared. Vitality has changed the way I think about exercise, they make it fun, all the instructors that I’ve had have been amazing. They all make a point of learning your name, they are always making sure your form is correct and that your getting the most out of your work out. They encourage you to push yourself while still making it fun.

I feel as strong as when I was in my 30’s.

I look forward to working out and feel great after each one.

I am no longer intimidated.


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