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Travis Priest

I have always played sports at a high level: hockey, Division I Soccer, baseball (Atlantic Canadian Championship), and softball. I have also been coaching softball and soccer for over 30 years.

In September 2010 I came home from work one day and wasn’t feeling good about myself. I had done the traditional gym “thing” in the past and it wasn’t for me anymore. I needed to find something that would keep my attention and be “different”. I looked on Kijiji and found an ad for 30 days of FREE Bootcamp. I responded to the ad, and within 20 minutes received a call from David MacDonald. He was looking for people to make a 6-month commitment. I figured I could do that. Besides, the trial offer wasn’t costing me anything but my time.

The first session, which was outside in a park in Killarney, OMG! After the warm up, I wasn’t sure if I was going to PASS OUT or THROW-UP! I gathered my wits and composure and struggled through the rest of the session. When I got home, I knew THIS was what I was looking for. It was for me.

Fast-forward 2 years to the first 50 Day Challenge. Week #1 was a challenge with the meal planning, but I managed. I followed the program 95-98% of the time. My goal was to lose 10lbs. Half way through the Challenge, I had achieved my goal. My next goal was to keep off the 10lbs. for the rest of the Challenge. By the end of the Challenge I had lost 19.5lbs and several inches. My pants had been tight at a 34 and now I was wearing a 31/32.

Those six months, back in 2010, have turned into almost 7 years. I love Vitality Fitness so much, I am now a trainer.

Travis Priest

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