Erin Hastings

I am the crazy 530am-er they warn you about… Rain, shine, or -40 I’m there 5 days a week heaving around heavy weights and swinging off the pull-up bars.  

I love the consistency and routine of knowing I am accountable to be somewhere every day. I also have grown very fond of the community of pre-dawn gym goers and look forward to seeing each week.

I started at Vitality in January 2012 after the outdoor, bring your own weight bootcamp I was attending shut down. At the time, I thought I was quite fit and at my max strength… man was I wrong. Having access to heavy weights and being told to use them and continuously increase them while being assessed on my form, I soon learned I had plenty of room to grow. I created an internal competition against other members that were stronger and fitter than me and pushed myself to get better and stronger than them. Now I look forward to the ever-advancing modifications the trainers throw at me to see what I can master.

I have always been quite active, running being my main focus. The gain in strength Vitality has given me has greatly helped my running endurance, pushing me to up my distance, while lowering my pace time with every race. 

Without the other Vitality members, which I now call friends, I don’t think I would ever have been talked into adding hot yoga to my weekly routine, let alone enjoying it! But, I have to admit it has quickly helped me cut down recovery time from fatigue, soreness, or recurring injuries I have. Letting me get back to lifting those heavy weights.

I originally chose to try Vitality because they offered a consistent early morning class which worked perfectly with my obsession of having a consistent daily routine. I stay because Vitality and the other members push me to constantly exceed my own personal expectations.

Erin Hastings Erin Hastings

Vitality Fitness Calgary

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