Jenna Stook

I first started at Vitality Fitness a year ago when I decided to sign up for their one-month trial for $20. At the time, I was experiencing shoulder pain due to poor posture and work-related stress; working at a computer most of the day wasn’t doing me any favours. The classes, at first, were very challenging. I was “skinny weak,” and had difficulty with some of the exercises, such as push-ups.
The one-month trial turned into a full membership. Here are a few reasons why I decided to become a member:

  • Expertise. At Vitality, I receive one-on-one attention from an expert trainer even though I am in a class setting. They know when to correct my form, to modify an exercise for me, or to challenge me. The trainers are dedicated and committed to showing you the best in yourself.
  • Social Support. As we know, it is not easy to go it alone. The classes provide a sense of community. I’ve come to know the people in my classes, and we support one another as we all strive to make changes and improve. Positivity and encouragement – from your trainer and your fellow bootcampers – are invaluable when undertaking your fitness journey. There’s also just the right amount of healthy competition, if you’re looking for it.
  • Confidence. Coming to class can be challenging, but I did experience success. And I’m certain you will to. Reaching my goals and improving the way my body feels/looks/operates helped to build my confidence in myself and my abilities.
  • Motivation. If you’re like me, you’d rather watch Netflix than run. For me, having regularly scheduled classes and fitness assessments help me to stay committed to my fitness goals, to stay accountable, and to stay motivated.

A year has passed since I signed up. I now have a greater sense of wellbeing, both physical and mental. Physically, my posture and flexibility have improved, and the constant pain in my shoulders is gone. I’m fit and far stronger than when I started. Moreover, working out regularly has also become an important part of my stress management strategy. I sleep better, I feel better able to tackle my workday, and I have improved mental focus. Overall, I feel healthier, and I owe it to Vitality Fitness.


Vitality Fitness Calgary

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