Travis Priest

I have always played sports at a high level: hockey, Division I Soccer, baseball (Atlantic Canadian Championship), and softball. I have also been coaching softball and soccer for over 30 years.

In September 2010 I came home from work one day and wasn’t feeling good about myself. I had done the traditional gym “thing” in the past and it wasn’t for me anymore. I needed to find something that would keep my attention and be “different”. I looked on Kijiji and found an ad for 30 days of FREE Bootcamp. I responded to the ad, and within 20 minutes received a call from David MacDonald. He was looking for people to make a 6-month commitment. I figured I could do that. Besides, the trial offer wasn’t costing me anything but my time.

The first session, which was outside in a park in Killarney, OMG! After the warm up, I wasn’t sure if I was going to PASS OUT or THROW-UP! I gathered my wits and composure and struggled through the rest of the session. When I got home, I knew THIS was what I was looking for. It was for me.

Fast-forward 2 years to the first 50 Day Challenge. Week #1 was a challenge with the meal planning, but I managed. I followed the program 95-98% of the time. My goal was to lose 10lbs. Half way through the Challenge, I had achieved my goal. My next goal was to keep off the 10lbs. for the rest of the Challenge. By the end of the Challenge I had lost 19.5lbs and several inches. My pants had been tight at a 34 and now I was wearing a 31/32.

Those six months, back in 2010, have turned into almost 7 years. I love Vitality Fitness so much, I am now a trainer.

Travis Priest

Vitality Fitness Calgary

**Vitality Fitness clients have been known to achieve many different results. From weight loss, strength training, minor rehabilitation, inches lost and more. These results will vary on a case by case basis, as no two individuals are alike. There is no guarantee that you will have the same results, and no guarantee is implied. The photographs and testimonials on are of real clients who have been using Vitality Fitness for a varied duration of time. The 50 day challenge participants and members have been asked to provide their stories, their point of views, their successes and their struggles. Results will vary. Please consult your physician before starting a new workout routine, especially if you have not been active for a prolonged period of time. The success stories displayed on Vitality Fitness are of those who: have completed a 50 Day Challenge, are ongoing members, follow a nutrition plan, may supplement (vitamins), who track their results and work with Vitality Fitness for their weight loss and fitness goals. Results will vary based on the number of classes you attend, your health and adherence to the nutrition and workout plan customized uniquely to you. References to “losing inches” or “inches lost” refers to the total combined amount of inches lost throughout the entire body.