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Top 5 ½ Exercises for Fast Fat Loss

Squat Demonstration for Athletic Training

If you want to lose body fat, you’re going to have work your ass off. To ensure you are getting the best results possible, you want to use your time wisely when training.
If there were only 5 exercises you could do for the rest of your life to lose body fat, here are the best ones to choose, plus a bonus at the end. All of these are done at our Calgary bootcamp. Always consult a personal trainer for correct form, or come to our Calgary bootcamp and our personal trainers will help you get perfect form.


Any form of deadlift is an amazing calorie burner. When done correctly deadlifts involve the entire body by working the butt, hamstrings, lower back, abs, and upper back. They also get the heart rate through the roof after a heavy set.
The best deadlift variation to start with is the Romanian Deadlift.


Squats work the entire body including the quads, hamstrings, butt, abs, low back, and upper back. Squatting requires a lot of practice and body awareness so take the time to master them. Start with a bodyweight squat using a chair or box. This will teach you how to sit back, using your glutes and hamstrings more. After doing this for a few weeks, move on to bodyweight squats away from a box, and eventually to weighted dumbbell goblet squats.


Not only do pushups work the entire upper body, they absolutely torch your abs. Whenever we have clients train at our Calgary bootcamp they are always amazed at how much more difficult a pushup is when done correctly, and how hard their abs work. This makes them an excellent calorie burner.
Start by doing pushups from your knees. If doing a full one from the knees is too much, than do a ½ pushup from the knees. Move to full pushups once you can do 20-30 from your knees.


Chinups are essential for working one of your biggest group of muscles the upper back stabilizers and the lats. The challenge hear is that chin-ups are damn hard! To start, go with assisted chin-ups on a band. If these are too much, start with assisted chinup holds, which are just as effective. Move to smaller bands until you are doing full chin-ups. Be patient with these, as strength takes time to build.


Sprints and Sleds.

Humans were designed to work in short bursts, with brief recovery periods after. The next exercise is a tie between sleds and sprints. Doing sled work and sprints burns more calories in less time than traditional cardio like running or the elliptical. This type of cardio will also maintain and build lean muscle, enhancing your metabolism. Just look at sprinters compared to marathon runners, and tell me who is leaner. Start with 10-15 second sprints or sled pushes, with a 45-60 second recovery.




Burpees. The burpee is a great full body movement that gets the heart rate jacked up, and that’s why we can’t forget about it. It’s a staple at our Calgary Bootcamp. Start by working in intervals, 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off, and repeat for 10 min. You’ll be dripping with sweat by the end. As you can see a lot these exercises require little to no equipment, with just the use of bodyweight. In the end, going back to basics will always get you amazing results.
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David Macdonald


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