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Top 5 Bodyweight Exercises


Top 5 Bodyweight Exercises - Vitality Fitness - Calgary BootcampIn today’s day and age, we have placed a large emphasis on lifting weights as a primary means of increasing physical strength and muscle tone. Many fitness magazines feature an incredibly ripped physical specimen lifting, squatting, or benching a ridiculous amount of weight.

While there’s no doubt that well regimented and supervised weight training can produce results, the reality is that most average people are not capable of lifting excessive amounts of weight. In addition, weight lifting necessitates a learned form for the many different lifts. A lack of experience or supervision when doing such lifts can actually result in serious injury.

There is a well-documented progression and regression for every exercise. For example, many people that aren’t capable of doing traditional bench press can modify the exercise if they have an existing injury, their form isn’t developed, or they simply don’t have access to the necessary equipment.

Bodyweight training has many benefits. It’s free and very versatile, meaning it can be done in many different variations. It’s also location independent, meaning it can be done anywhere. Additionally, bodyweight training can improve relative strength and movement, as well as reactive strength.

Here are a few great bodyweight exercises that are extremely effective and can be done in your bedroom or living room without any equipment:


This seems pretty basic but push-ups are still a great way to build up the chest, shoulders, and triceps. They are also a great stabilizer for your core and lower back. Push-ups can be done with various hand, feet, and elevated positions. Variations such as EQI’s , hindus, and push-up plus are great exercises for individuals rehabilitating torn or weakened muscles or joints.


While we often do squats with a bar on our back, bodyweight squats are also incredibly effective, and they reduce the risk of injuring your neck or back. Practicing bodyweight squats against a wall can help you refine your technique and build proficiency.


This exercise is one of the most effective mass builders for the entire back. Pull-ups are also one of the easiest exercises to modify to meet your individual needs. You can modify pull-ups by varying your grip and using a towel, thick rope, or offset grip, rather than the traditional bar grip. You can also modify your linear movement by moving side-to-side or performing a leg lift with each rep. Lastly, you can add weight to your body and overload the movement by placing weight on your ankles or feet.

Split Squats

Bulgarian split squats are a great way to build muscle and leg strength, but they also help to improve hip mobility and knee stability. You can also modify the traditional split squat by placing your front leg on top of a box. This will extend your range of motion and help you get that much more out of the exercise.

Abdomen Roll-Outs

This exercise is an advanced modification of the traditional plank workout and it forces torso rigidity for better movement and increased strength potential for compound, ground-based exercises. In order to maximize this exercise, utilize an abdomen roller, blast straps, or gymnastic rings to mimic the movement.

Whatever your fitness goals, everyone can benefitted from a commitment to daily bodyweight exercises. The five exercises mentioned above are simply a few suggestions for extremely effective exercises that you can do anywhere at any time.

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