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The Truth About Gender Specific Workouts

The Truth About Gender Specific Workouts - Vitality Fitness - Bootcamps Calgary

There is a pretty common assumption that men and women are such completely different creatures that their workout routines should bear little to no resemblance to each other. The truth of the matter, however, is not as extreme as you may think.

Many people with high estrogen levels tend to avoid “masculine” work-outs because they do not want to look masculine. But surprise! You probably won’t. The hormone levels in our bodies dictate how fast our muscles will develop and what that will look like. If you’ve got a body full of estrogen and very little testosterone, even “masculine” workouts aren’t going to transform you into a hulking specimen.   

On the flip-side, people with high testosterone levels tend to skip the cardio workouts and mind-body practices in favour of exclusive weight training. The concern here is that they are missing out on some pretty valuable pieces of the fitness puzzle. Cardio strengthens your heart, which is incredibly important for any goal. Mind-body practices at the very least help to develop balance and coordination.

So what does that mean for you?

It’s easy to get caught up in buzzwords like toned, ripped, swole, and tight. Those words can lead you to believe that a particular workout may not be for you without even looking at what it entails. It’s important to know what your fitness goals are. What do you want to achieve? Is this an aesthetic choice or are you doing this to avoid health conditions like diabetes? Do you want your butt to look amazing in yoga pants, or do you want to be able to deadlift your 150lb bull mastiff? Decide what you want, with the knowledge that these goals can and will change, and then base your workouts off of that.

In conclusion, your fitness regime should not be dependent on whether you wore blue or pink pajamas as an infant. It should, however, be mindful of your hormones and how they affect your body. Your workouts should reflect your fitness goals. They should provide you with a balanced and healthy outcome, inside and out. That’s why we offer bootcamps that contribute to whole body fitness while still targeting your specific goals. Feel free to ask us any questions along the journey, and if you haven’t signed up yet, it’s time to give us a call!

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