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How to Turn Your New Year’s Resolutions Into a Reality

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People exercisingSurveys show that more than a third of all Canadians list fitness goals (like losing weight or running a 5K) as their top New Year’s resolution, each and every January. And yet, the simple fact that it’s such a common resolution to make means that most of us aren’t actually taking action on those goals… at least not for longer than a week or two.

And so, the question we’ll put to you today is this: Are you serious about turning your New Year’s resolutions into a reality? If so, here are some steps you can take right now:

Move from dreaming to planning. Being fit is a dream, or at least an abstract idea. Deciding to lose 15 pounds, or fit into smaller jeans, is a definite goal. Once you have a firm goal, you can look at a calendar and start deciding what’s realistic.

Tackle the nuts and bolts. Once your goal’s in mind, decide what you have to do to reach it. Then, get the details out of the way. Decide how and when you handle things like food shopping, the best times of the day for you to work out, etc., so these issues don’t become obstacles later.

Track your progress along the way. Because it takes about 12 weeks to really notice changes in your body after you start working out and eating right, it’s a good idea to track your day-to-day and week-to- week progress. You’ll see results in your notebook before you spot them in the mirror.

Find the right group to support you. It’s easier to get and stay fit when you have the right social circles around you. Go to a fitness center, like ours, where you can meet likeminded people who can encourage you each day.

Enjoy being fit! There is no greater feeling than being fit, so once you’re on the way towards reaching your goals, pat yourself on the back, enjoy the results, and then focus on finding your next set of fitness goals.

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