The Ultimate Outdoor Workout to Supplement your Boot Camp Routine

The Ultimate Outdoor Workout to Supplement your Boot Camp Routine - Vitality Fitness - Calgary Bootcamp

Are you currently committed to a boot camp routine with the goal of gaining strength and putting on a few extra pounds of muscle? Are you thinking enough about the entire spectrum of exercises that promote full body health?

When designing your own workout regimen, it’s important to add a good deal of variety. Not only does this help to guarantee you don’t neglect certain muscles but it will also help to keep your body on its’ toes. Many studies have proven that any exercise becomes less effective when your body gets accustomed to it.

The simple workout we’re going suggest here requires only a good pair of running shoes, a light resistance band, and a water bottle. If you’re looking to supplement your already rigorous boot camp routine with an outdoor workout as the weather warms up, here is an easy, six-step program that you might find beneficial: 

Step 1: 10-Minutes of Cardio

With your running shoes on your feet and your resistance band in tow, head out from your house for a nice ten-minute jog. If you have a park near your house you should consider running there for your workout. Make sure to maintain a pace that’s appropriate for your individual fitness level. 

Step 2: 5-Minutes of Strength Training

When you get to the park and your initial ten-minute warm up is concluded, it’s time for a brief, intense period of strength training. If you can find a park bench with nobody occupying it, this is a great place for a number of quick bodyweight exercises. 

Step 3: 2nd 10-Minutes of Cardio

Whether you elect to do dips, step-ups, or incline push-ups for your strength-training phase, the next step is another ten-minute period of cardio. If you are conducting your workout in the park, use your ten-minute cardio session to cruise around the park and do some casual, but productive, people watching. 

Step 4: 5-Minutes of Resistance Training

Now it’s finally time to put that resistance band to work. Depending on what muscle groups you’d like to focus on, you can elect to do rows, bicep curls, or squats. If your upper back is a notoriously weak area of your body, rowing can be a great way to strengthen those back muscles. These muscles are extremely important as strengthening them will take more pressure off the rest of your spine when you sit down. 

Step 5: 10-Minute Cardio Cool Down

Once you’ve pushed yourself for five hard minutes of resistance training, your simple but effective outdoor workout is almost complete. Cool down with an easy paced jog from the park or area you’ve picked for your workout back to your home. 

Step 6: Stretch

No healthy workout is complete without a thorough stretch session at the conclusion. Make sure to focus on all the muscles that you’ve worked during your outdoor routine. Starting from the feet and moving upwards is a great technique for making sure you don’t miss anything!

If your boot camp routine isn’t giving you enough cardio, you might think about supplementing with an outdoor workout as the weather warms up. This quick and simple workout plan is a great way to get a solid workout while also enjoying the beautiful outdoors!

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