Vacation Workouts: Getting Fit on the Beach

Vacation Workouts: Getting Fit on the Beach - Vitality Fitness - Boot Camp Calgary

Many of the most popular winter getaways will take you to where the beaches are. This is great for escaping winter, but it’s also great for your fitness plan. A vacation might throw off a few of your routines if you let it, but beach exercise has many things to take advantage of!

Air and Environment

While a good gym is the perfect place to focus your routine and even get professional guidance, it’s important to supplement interior exercise with outdoor workouts. This is especially true on the beach. In optimal weather, the balance of humidity and temperature conditions can make for a very comfortable session, whether you’re running or engaging in some form of strength training. Outdoor wind resistance can also lead to more calories burned during a jog. Last but certainly not least, scenery makes a big difference in keeping your mind engaged so that you stay productive in your workout.

Sand and Traction

The surfaces you choose to exercise on have an enormous effect on the immediate experience of your workout, the soreness of your muscles afterward, the long-term effectiveness of your activities, and more. One of the things that avid beach exercise fans tend to get hooked on is the full-body advantage. The resistance of a sandy surface allows a far greater degree of engagement from a wider range of muscle tissue, particularly during jogging and plyometric exercise. Most beaches also often have a natural variety in sand consistency. Start with the firmer sand closer to the water and work your way up to the dryer sand with more resistance!

Sporty Activities

Of course, getting fit with solo exercises can take you far if you’re dedicated, but having a good time with others will really bring your fitness habits to another level. Volleyball, frisbee, football, and other sports commonly played on other terrain can have an added degree of full-body effectiveness on the beach, and enjoying them with friends and family tends to help with focus and stamina. The more enjoyable your physical activity is during vacation, the longer you’ll want to stay engaged, and the more you’ll get out of it!

Even if you’re not heading to a tropical destination soon, the environment you’re in always offers its own advantages when it comes to exercise. The best fitness environment of all? A great gym of course! Give Vitality Fitness a call at (587) 777-3378 to find out what we can offer you.

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