5 Shortcuts for Getting Back in Shape

5 Shortcuts for Getting Back in Shape - Vitality Fitness - Get Healthy in Calgary

5 Shortcuts for Getting Back in Shape - Vitality Fitness - Get Healthy in CalgaryInevitably, many of us find it easy to get a little lazy during the winter and spring months. The weather isn’t quite as nice, or predictable, and it can be easy to stay inside, flip on the television, and neglect your workout routine.

It’s not necessarily your fault but, as the summer moves into full swing and you’re feeling the urge to strip down to your bathing suit, it’s up to you to get your body back into ‘bikini shape’.

Here are a few tips to help you get back on track with your workout routine so that you can have that summer beach body you’ve been dreaming of:

  • Jump Through Your Warm-up

Many people make the mistake of beginning their workout with a slow jog. Not only does this waste precious time, but it’s also largely ineffective in ramping up your heart rate to prepare you for the remainder of your workout.

Jumping jacks have been found to be much more effective in jump-starting your workout than a jog. Get into the habit of starting your workout by doing 20 jumping jacks. This quick warm-up will activate muscles in your upper and lower body, while also priming your heart rate and body temperature for the rest of your workout.

  • Be Strong Out Of The Gate

Studies have shown that starting fast and easing up during the latter portion of a workout is significantly more effective in helping your burn fat. According to a study from the College of New Jersey, individuals who start fast and end slow burned 23 percent more fat than people who took the opposite approach to their workout.

Additionally, the study found that starting fast and easing off the gas leads to greater fat oxidization, which will make your workout feel considerably less stressful. There are a few great reasons to get the hard part out of the way!

  • Musical Motivation

If you’re having trouble staying motivated throughout your workout, you should consider throwing on some music to help you move through your routine. However, not just any playlist will do the trick.

Tracks with a tempo between 125 and 140 beats per minute (bpm) have been proven to be the most effective in cranking up your workout effort. There are many modern tunes that fall into this range.

  • Fight Gravity

We are all too familiar with the effects that gravity has on our bodies. This is particularly true for women, but men are undoubtedly also subject to the effects of gravity. For women, research suggests that maintaining a perkier posterior may be a simple matter of lifting heavier weights. The bent-knee deadlift is considered one of the most effective, ‘gravity-defying’ lifts you can do.

  • Balance Your Efforts

Core strength is an integral part of your overall ability to balance. Working balance exercises into your existing workout routine can do wonders for improving your core strength. Try doing bicep curls or overhead presses while balancing on an unstable surface. You’ll find the results to be startlingly positive.

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