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Weighing the Options: Indoor and Outdoor Cycling

Weighing the Options: Indoor and Outdoor Cycling - Vitality Fitness - Fitness Training Calgary

Cycling is one of the best exercise activities out there. It does a great job of training the strength and flexibility of your muscles, exercising your joints, and benefiting your cardiovascular system. When it comes to going for a spin or using a bicycle, what are the differences?

Taking Things Outside

Now that the weather is getting better, it seems appropriate to look at why outdoor cycling is so popular. For one thing, when it comes to a bike ride, you’re enjoying the scenery and keeping your attention occupied, something that can help exercise go a long way. It also allows you a more dynamic range of challenge levels, as you get to choose different routes and environments that will offer different inclines and other factors contributing to the intensity of the workout. Finally, of course, a bike also offers its own degree of utility outside of exercise, helping you get from one place to another.

At the Gym

A Calgary winter doesn’t leave you much of a choice, but even during the spring and summer, using a spin cycle can offer plenty of advantages. Purchasing a quality bike can be expensive, not to mention the maintenance it requires, and a bike ride often involves a greater time commitment. Bicycles also permit you to stop pedaling and coast along the road, whereas the sustained effort required by a spin cycle presents a more fitness-friendly challenge. Combine this with more precise time-management and breaks for hydrating and refueling and you’ve got a conveniently measurable, structured workout.

Common Ground

Whatever its form, the strength of cycling lies in its flexibility, as it allows you to pace yourself an approach your workout in a way that works for you. It’s also worth noting that understanding the differences between these two methods doesn’t necessarily mean you have to choose just one! Combining them can give you the best of both worlds, especially when it comes to the changing seasons. Your fitness plan should be dynamic and integrative. Just be sure to stretch, know your strengths and limits, and enjoy yourself!

Are you a fan of cycling, whether it’s on the machines or with your trusty bike? This is just one form of fitness training that can carry you far in your journey towards a healthier lifestyle. Give Vitality Fitness a call at (587) 777-3378 and we’ll be there for you every step of the way!

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