How to Keep Weight Off During the Holidays

Healthy Green Road

Get Healthy Green Road Sign with Dramatic Clouds, Sun Rays and Sky.So, you worked hard at losing weight and getting into shape in 2013, but are you afraid all of those holiday parties and frosting-top goodies are going to throw your fitness plan back off track?

Don’t worry – there is a way to enjoy the holiday season without putting lots of weight back on or losing muscle tone. Here are a handful of quick and easy tips to help you get started:

Have the right philosophy. The holidays are a time to enjoy life, so if you want to be healthy, don’t obsess about a few extra calories here and there.

Work out in the morning if possible. Things like shopping, family visits, and holiday meals can throw your workout plan off track. So, start each day with a bit of light cardio or strength training if you can.

Soak up the compliments. If you’ve lost a bit of weight this year, you’re probably going to hear about it from friends and family members. Enjoy their compliments, and use the motivation to keep yourself on track.

Avoid the worst offenders. A few holiday snacks aren’t going to hurt, but huge amounts of alcohol, sugar, and fried foods can be a real problem. So, limit your consumption of these and feel free to snack on a few extra holiday treats that aren’t quite as bad for you.

Always eat twice. If you’re worried about binging on high-fat foods, try this old trick: Eat a healthy snack before every meal. You’ll still get to enjoy the food in front of you, but you’ll get full faster.

Start setting fitness goals for next year. If you know that you’re going to try to keep losing weight and getting fit after the holidays are over, that might motivate you to make healthier choices over the next few weeks.

The holidays are a great time to enjoy being fit, so we hope to see you early and often at Vitality Fitness!



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