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Mike Holmes is right about doing it right the first time. What is the point of doing something or even learning something twice. This idea can also be applied to your fitness regime, as we are about to talk about one of our favourite topics: Proper Exercise Technique.

Whenever we do resistance training you are building, strengthening, and targeting your muscles. Properly trained muscles assist with improving bone density and making everyday movement easier Think of your body as a building. The foundation of effective resistance training is proper form and technique. Much like the foundation of a building, problems will develop within the structure and at different levels of the building if a proper foundation is not created. Having proper technique with each exercise works in the same manner, and without this foundation; aches, pains, and injuries occur. Improper form always stems from either lifting too much weight and/or using the incorrect muscle groups for a particular exercise.

Poor technique leads to compensation, working your muscles incorrectly, and creating movement patterns within the body that will put stress on our joints. Unfortunately, before we lift a weight, we typically neglect our joint health and whether we are working the correct muscle group. Questions like what levels of stress can our muscles tolerate, and What muscle groups actually move certain joints are critical to know to not only enhance the quality of your workout and prevent injury.

Focus on moving your body in a way that is comfortable for you and targets the muscles designed for that movement , rather than just moving weight and trying to “lift heavy” at all costs. Remember the muscle always works the weight, not the weight working the muscle.

Any movement is the result of the muscle moving the joint to perform a specific action. Always focus on the joint that is controlling the movement, which allows the correct muscles groups to move that part of the body. And if you are unsure about this, hire a qualified and certified personal trainer. You can try Vitality Fitness Calgary for a 1 month trial, where you get a personal training experience in a fun group setting, with qualified personal trainers there to guide you on proper form and technique.