How to Make Your Workout Motivation Last

How to keep your fitness motivation Calgary

How to keep your fitness motivation CalgaryNearly every person in the world who’s not in shape eventually starts to feel like “enough is enough” and decides to make a change. The only problem is that short-term motivation, as powerful as it is, doesn’t usually last long enough for us to actually get into shape. It helps us get started, but won’t carry us through when times are tough.

Today, we want to share a few of our favorite workout motivational tips. Use them to push yourself to exercise (or exercise a little bit harder) on the days when you’d rather stay home and eat chips:
Make it a group effort. A lot of people work out with friends who have a high level of fitness, which can be a good idea. But, by teaming up with others who also have weight loss or “get back into shape” goals, you can find a group of likeminded partners who can encourage each other.
Book a vacation on the beach. The summer season is just around the corner, and we often want to look our best when the warmer weather gets here. If you can book a summer vacation now, that might help you stay motivated to work your way into a beach body through the colder months.
Buy some new shoes, or a new workout outfit. It’s a simple but effective truth: The better we look, the better we feel and the more we feel like doing. So, invest in some new workout gear, and you might just persuade yourself to get to the gym and try it out.
Try the punishment technique. If all else fails, force yourself to put money in a jar every time you miss a workout, or to skip your favorite meal. You can also bet a friend that you’ll fit in a certain number of workouts, or lose a set amount of weight. You’d be surprised at how motivating that can be.

The dark days of February are a tough time for dragging yourself to the gym, but you’ll feel that much better for having done it. So, use these tips and make the most of your chance to exercise today!


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